Jobs and Vacancies

What do we do?

BUPS was founded in 2005 to respond to the lack of a communication platform linking philosophy students from different universities. Its programme of events is an attempt to provide this platform.

Broadly speaking, our activities can be divided into three areas. Firstly, we coordinate events between philosophy societies across the UK, and manage an online calendar to let our members know what’s going on. Secondly, we run an annual conference with speakers and delegates coming from the undergraduate philosophy community. Lastly, we publish BJUP, which is the UK’s only national undergraduate philosophy journal. This journal publishes papers submitted directly to BJUP and papers delivered at the annual BUPS conference.

Both the committee and editorial team are made up of enthusiastic undergraduate (and a few postgraduate) students of philosophy from institutions across the country.

Current Vacancies

The British Undergraduate Philosophical Society invites applications for positions within the BUPS committee.  The positions available are:

Finance Officer:

The Finance Officer will work together with the President of BUPS in making financial decisions on behalf of the society. This will involve choosing grants to apply for and then writing the necessary applications, assisting the Editor-in-Chief in having the journal printed, budgeting conferences and other events, alongside various other duties. The Finance Officer and the President will be the only members of the society able to access the Society’s money. The Finance Officer should therefore be relatively easy to contact most of the time. The Finance officer can expect a moderate workload, which will be fairly evenly spread across the year.


The Webmaster will be responsible for ensuring that the society’s website remains up-to-date and functioning. The Webmaster will work with the Finance Officer and President as part of their normal duties. This year, we may also wish to expand the Society’s presence on in the internet to include audio or video interviews, or other form of content. The Webmaster will be one of the most important people in implementing these changes.

Conference Organiser:

The primary duty of the conference organiser will be set-up and help run the BUPS annual conference each year. The Conference Organiser will work with the President in order to choose a venue and structure the event, and with the Finance Officer in writing grant applications for the conference. The Conference Organiser will be responsible for arranging catering at the event, ensuring that speakers have the resources they need to give their talks, and ensuring that the event runs in accordance with the pre-arranged timetable.

This role will require a great deal of work close to and during the conference. The Conference Organiser will work very closely with both the Finance Officer and the President, and will rarely have tasks that are their responsibility alone. This position would therefore be suited to a first or second-year student without any relevant experience.

Commissioning Editor:

The Commissioning Editor will be responsible for receiving and anonymising papers submitted to the BJUP. Together with the Editor-in-Chief, they will also organise and oversee the peer-review system. Previous Commissioning Editors have also served as a public face for the BJUP. The Commissioning Editor can expect the ongoing support of the Editor-in-Chief in carrying out their duties.

Editorial Officer:

The Editorial Officer is responsible for producing a version of the journal that is ready for printing. They will receive papers that have been accepted into the journal from the Editor-in-Chief, together with the journal’s editorial. They will ensure that all the papers meet the grammatical and stylistic requirements of the journal before collating them together into a cohesive journal. Pre-existing skill or a willingness to learn LateX is a prerequisite for this role.

How to apply

To apply, email ‘’, with your CV and briefly detail your background and any relevant experience you might have and why you are interested in the role. The deadline for application is Wednesday 9th May.