Previous Conferences

BUPS Summer Conference 2017 (University of Cambridge)
8th July 2017
Keynote: Professor Hasok Chang

BUPS Winter Conference 2017 (UCL)
14th & 15th January
Keynote: Robin Halpin

BUPS Spring Conference 2016 (University of Cambridge)
March 2016
Keynote: Professor Richard Holton

BUPS Autumn Conference 2015 (London School of Economics)
November 2015

BUPS Spring Conference 2015 (University of Southampton)
February 2015
Keynote: Professor Mike Otsuka and Professor Helen Beebee

BUPS Autumn Conference 2014 (Birkbeck College, University of London)
November 2014
Keynote: Professor M.M. McCabe and Baroness Onara O’Neill

BUPS Spring Conference 2014 (University of Sheffield)
February 2014

BUPS Autumn Conference 2013 (University of Manchester)
23-24 November 2013
Keynote: Professor Huw Price

BUPS Spring Conference 2013 (Heythrop College)
16-17 February 2013
Keynote: Professor Roger Scruton

BUPS Summer Conference 2012 (University of Leeds)
2-3 June 2012
Keynote: Professor Timothy Williamson

BUPS Summer Conference 2011 (University of Leeds)
2-3 June 2011
Keynote: Professor Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds) and Professor John Divers (Leeds)

BUPS Anual Conference 2010 (University of Edinburgh)
23-4 October 2010
Keynote: Professor Michael Ridge (Edinburgh)

BUPS Spring Conference 2010 (University of Warwick)
1-2 May 2010
Keynote: Professor Angela Hobbs (Warwick)

BUPS Anual Conference 2009 (University of Kent)
5 December 2009
Keynote: Professor Laurence Goldstein (Kent)

BUPS Winter Conference 2009 (University of Oxford)
24 January 2009
Keynote: Professor John Hawthorne (Oxford)

BUPS Annual Conference 2008 (University of Cambridge)
19-21 September 2008
Keynote: Professor Bill Brewer (Warwick)

BUPS Spring Conference 2008 (University of Oxford)
16 April 2008
Keynote: Professor Adrian Moore (Oxford)

BUPS Winter Conference 2008 (University of Nottingham)
4-6 January 2008
Keynote: Professor Stephen Mumford (Nottingham)

BUPS Winter Conference 2007 (University of Cambridge)
14-16 September 2007
Keynote: Professor Quassim Cassam (Cambridge)

BUPS Summer Conference 2007 (University of Oxford)
23 June 2007
Keynote: Professor Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

BUPS Spring Conference 2007 (University of Durham)
30 March -1 April 2007
Keynote: Professor Robert Hale (Sheffield)

BUPS Second Winter Conference 2006 (University of Cambridge)
15-17 December 2006
Keynote: Professor Simon Blackburn (Cambridge)

BUPS Autumn Conference 2006 (University of Durham)
8-10 September 2006
Keynote: Professor A.C. Grayling (Birkbeck)

BUPS Spring Conference 2006 (University of Nottingham)
7-9 April 2006
Keynote: Professor Michael Clark (Nottingham)

BUPS Winter Conference 2006 (University of Sheffield)
4 February 2006
Keynote: Professor Robert Hopkins (Sheffield)

BUPS Autumn Conference 2005 (University of Durham)
23-25 September 2005
Keynote: Professor Jonathan Lowe (Durham)