Call for Papers:

The British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy is now accepting submissions! Please send your papers to no later than 15th December midday (more specific guidelines below). Submissions may be in the form of (1) academic papers, (2) letters to the Editor or (3) book reviews. Successful authors will be published in both the online and printed edition of the Journal. These authors will also be invited to speak at our forthcoming Spring conference.

Submissions are accepted from any area of philosophy. These include, but are not limited to the following: (1) Metaphysics; (2) Epistemology; (3) Philosophy of Language; (4) History and Philosophy of Science; (5) Feminist Philosophy; (6) Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence; (7) Moral and Political Philosophy; (8) Continental Philosophy; (9) Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic; (10) Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience and (11) Philosophy of Religion.

In addition, the BJUP encourages students enrolled in related programmes to submit papers on philosophical issues within their discipline. These subjects include, but are not limited to:

(1)  Gender Studies and Women’s Studies
(2)  Law, Politics and Sociology
(3)  Cognitive Sciences (psychology, cognitive anthropology, neuroscience, computing)
(4)  Natural Sciences (esp. physics and biology)

Ideally, papers should be between 2,000 – 3,000 words in length, but the BJUP will consider submissions of any length. We suggest that you limit your submission to a maximum of 5,000 words, as papers longer than this are better dealt with as a series of shorter, more focused papers. We like work that:

  • Is carefully structured and clearly written
  • Is argumentative and not merely descriptive
  • Engages with the philosophical literature on the chosen topic
  • Offers a new argument or point of view

Explanation for others who may not have read the same papers as you, clear laying-out of thoughts and a good, well-worked-out argument that says something a bit different and interesting: these are the key characteristics of the best papers we’ve received. Don’t be afraid to tackle difficult or technical subjects, but do so as carefully and clearly as possible and you have a much better chance of being published. Most of the papers we publish are in the analytic tradition, but we are delighted to accept and publish good papers in any tradition.

We run the journal on the minimum copyright requirements possible. By submitting work you license BUPS and BJUP to publish your work in the print and electronic versions of our journal, and agree to credit the journal as the original point of publication if the paper is later published as part of a collection or book. You are not giving us copyright over your work, or granting a licence to reprint your work in the future.

How to submit:

Submissions should be .doc, .docx, .odt or .pdf files sent as an attachment to Files must be prepared for blind review – your name or institution must not appear anywhere on the file or its metadata. You must separately provide your name, university affiliation, contact details and paper title. We accept submissions from undergraduates anywhere in the world.

The deadline for submissions is midday 15th December 2017. Submissions received after this time, or submissions not conforming to the above requirements, may not be considered for publication. Please note that we will accept only one paper per author.